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Humans speculate about what life is like in a state of being thrown into pain and absurdity. In the absurdity, the agony is an attitude toward life and an individual narrative. Life has no script, it's a failed plan, wreckage, and it's a trail.
Therefore, it is irrational and incomplete.
Paradoxically, for that reason the most humanly honest moment is the moment to acknowledge its imperfection as itself in our lives . If you are totally immersed in the irrational and staggering journey, A subject will be born who can live today and meet tomorrow, being thankful for the journey with comrades together. My NEW WORLD is another future made together by consolation and solace, and an instant that flows at all times however can never exist in the NEW – NEW WORLD. Go on a round-the-trip together hand in hand for the experience
whether the new world is dystopia or not.

Kiosk of consolation(candles project, 2018)

Warm over your inner blue or bad luck in a silence. Just come and sit, gazing the
candles which look like someone need healing at this place.
This place would be a healing centre of burning off misfortune, where silence resides.
I hope others will feel comfortable and ease their exhausted minds while in this space just as they
would feel while wearing cozy socks and a soft scarf around their neck.
After then, they would have enough room in their mind and could share a smile with others.
I dream that there would be a healing light at the end of sorrow tunnel for the NEW WORLD.
*If you can bring your own recycled-container, please come with that. After the container could be
re born as a ticket for next coming to the remedy.